Dawn Row

17 Jun

Somehow I was quite early to leave the house this morning and I managed to get there at the top of my road in time for a bus. That excitement was soon shit upon as the man who appeared from nowhere physically pushed me out of the way in order to touch his Oyster card first – what the fuck? He wasn’t there when I got to the stop yet he said I had pushed in front of him… What a rude man? He let the other two women that were there get on first but I had to be actually pushed out of the way so he could get on – of course he got a fucking mouthful because he didn’t even say anything initially but then after the bus driver shook his head at the fuckery, he told me that I had pushed in front of him. Obviously the bus was suddenly awake from the sound of my shrill gob and everyone was looking and I love the attention that an early morning fracas causes. What a fucking wanker, hey? I wish him to be knocked over by a cyclist before the day is out. Train is a bit busier today and I had to make the moron now to my left move so I could sit down. I think I actually woke him up as that faux sleep act doesn’t wash with me as we aren’t in your bedroom and you shouldn’t have to be asked to move. If you choose to position yourself on the outside seat with an empty window seat them sit and turn around at every stop to ensure you are poised to shift. Fuck me, he is asleep again… I can hear the pre-snore breathing and he is holding his phone as if it was his cock. Give me strength – time to post as I’ve had enough of these fuckers already and it isn’t even 8am yet…


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