16 Jun


Someone obviously thought it was quicker to walk home along the tracks tonight and so fuckage ensues. The 18.37 pulled in as it was about to leave, and on platform three which threw all the fuckwits who were waiting at platform five where it usually leaves from. Some even started walking towards platform five when the board said it was going from platform three. Obviously eagle eyed Bitch de Jour had spotted that it would arrive either on three or four and was poised like a whippet in the gate ready to go. Now I am on the train but fuck knows when it’s leaving. We aren’t that busy at the moment as the 18.30 left really late so a lot of people were on that. It’s just turned 18.41 and we are still waiting to go… Thank god we are on the move at last. Just spotted an attention seeking wanker with a topknot to share and he is now above for your entertainment. I saw a fat bloke with that same hair while walking to the station and it struck me that fat blokes don’t have that hair do… Well, only sumo wrestlers but they make it look good with the nappy, but this bloke had the physique and wardrobe of Arg from Towie in its hay day and he looked a right fucking state. I must post now as we have collected the livestock from London Bridge and a man literally dripping with sweat has just got on and I need to ensure that I am kept away from being forced to touch him and his vile skin.


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