VIB Bitch

15 Jun


Before it was propped up against her, she sat delicately eating a biscuit and now she’s finished, he is snuggled up. While she was dining she sat, facing the bag while it was fending for itself on the seat opposite me. What a selfish bitch? It’s not usually women with the massive backpack but today it is and she needs a slap. I won’t be giving it to her but I will sit and shake my head every time someone pauses to sit there and she ignores them. The 18.37 was late arriving but only about a minute late leaving – miracle? Man next to me is spreading right out so his thigh is inside of mine. No need as there isn’t even the slightest hint of a bulge in the crotchal area but he can dream. Woman opposite seems to have a bigger bulge really…. Maybe she is a man? Who knows? Who cares? Fuck that. It seems to be like groundhog day lately with not a lot going on aside from the normal bullshit. I apologise for this – if you could please arrange a curve ball then I will gladly write about it. Oh little miss VIB has moved over now as we load up with livestock at London Bridge and the woman next to her now is clutching nasal spray…. Surely you just squirt and go, or at least I do. Need some more though as I’m all out and my eyes are slightly weepy. Time to post – done with this for today.


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