5KG For £1

15 Jun

I had to walk again this morning, and despite a day in five star pampering and more fun yesterday, I am fucking shattered and the walk was like my last walk ever. I stumbled along and a man came out of a shop and walked towards a van. He still had the labels attached to his trainers and I remember this was fashionable a while ago, but definitely not in people of my age and so he looked like he had just stolen them. He got to the van, opened the door and bellowed “five kilos of white onions in there, only a pahnd” and I was dumbstruck as that is possibly the most random thing of the day ever… Well, so far. Train was on time and quite empty. It seems to have evened out now after the huge increase in number that followed the initial London Bridge fuckery starting in January. Then again it always gets overfilled when we get to the seeming twilight zone of Westcombe Park and where the number of passengers seems to have increase around 400% in the last year. Posting now as I have cramp in my left arm from the position it’s been forced into by the wanker next to me….


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