Cold Wakeup

12 Jun


My gas ran out this morning and I can’t remember the last time that happened – I’m not a high user of gas as I don’t have a gas oven and don’t often use the heating. I do use it for water though and so I had a cold shower this morning which was actually lovely as it was a clammy night and I was needing to clean off. Although it is a warm and muggy morning, it’s like an oven on the train as all the windows are closed – what the fuck? I have now moved from next to a manspreadrer with his legs agape and closed window to the other side as the window seat became free at Woolwich ans this window is now open. A little too late for me as the makeup is now trickling down my cleavage but hey, I tried. Had to walk again as there was no sign of a bus so that hasn’t helped the glistening face situation. Posh Pikey was all dressed for the weather that we are due this morning but not for the thunder that is due this afternoon so he will be walking home in a transparent shirt and trousers as he is a moron and didn’t plan ahead. I am looking forward to the more attractive men making the same mistake when I go home later when they have wet shirts on… Oh dear, I am terrible. I was poised for fuckups today as there was news of a trespasser on the line this morning and a train was completely delayed earlier on – above – but that had sorted itself out by the time I got to the station. There was some sort of response vehicle there when I arrived and the lady I speak to said there was an ambulance also when she got there just before me. I also spied the fat slag from the ticket office having a fag out the front with a high vis tabard wearing man while she closed the ticket office, at rush hour – what a lovely lady? Fucking lazy bitch. Posting now as I need some music to drown out the pricks in front slobbering all over each other and reading The Times on a single tablet – give me strength.


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