Buggy Hogger

11 Jun

The train was on time and I had a nice catch up with the lady but on board and it’s all gone to pot. Woman gobbing on in foreign on her phone, man with a leg on each side of the train as he is spreading so much and then the woman sitting in the aisle seat so she can sit next to her massive buggy taking up most of the aisle. Thank fuck, she’s got up to get off at Woolwich – typical – and I am now next to the window. Saw a man who was by the door eyeing the seats up and so I pounced as I didn’t fancy staring at the bloke opposite and his japseye winking at me while his legs splay apart. Vile. Just saw the man who sat down next to the gobby woman on her phone now get up and move seats and it is a rarity these days that you get a choice. Last night I couldn’t be arsed to blog and by the time I got onto a train it was virtually empty anyway so nothing to moan about. The organ recital was good and even better was the blatant rule break of St Pauls and people taking pictures inside once he had finished tinkling his religions ivories and of course yours truly joined in as I never miss a photo opportunity. I think I will book in for the next recital in July and take the big camera. Sudden whiff of fish fingers as the orange women of Woolwich Dockyard boarded – coincidence? I think not. The fattest one must have run out of Primark bronzer and now has taken to brushing herself with the orange crumbs from the outside of a cheap fish finger. Classy as ever. Time to post as I can’t be arsed to moan any more this morning. Check back this evening because after a day of shit I will be more than ready to overshare again.


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