Why Gap

9 Jun

Thigh gap – it looks fucking horrible. Emaciated legs encased in skin tight denim and then seemingly not meeting at the top. I hate walking behind it because it just looks like you have rickets. Now imagine my disgust when it was a HE with this thigh gap… Exactly, it was a why gap. Fucking wrong. Men in skinny jeans are bad enough and then with legs not meeting at the top? What the fuck? Eat some fucking pies. It was an interesting day and broken up by a trip out of the office to N6 for a client meeting. Old Street station was a little more bearable though as the delectable James Redmond aka the original Fin in Hollyoaks was there. Did my usual thing of looking, thinking I actually know them, open my mouth to greet them and then realising that it is in fact a person from the telly and promptly shutting up. I tweeted him to apologise for this when I remembered his name. The 18.37 is brimming with foreign exchange wankers and so where there are seats has become suddenly rammed as they are taking up the majority of three carriages. What a fucking joyous journey people will have on that part of the train, hey? London Bridge will bring a whole host of huffing tutting people so I will take this chance to post so I can get the ipod out to drown that shit right out. Somehow the train left on time – hoorah.


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