8 Jun


I’m back, bitches and another year older. I had to go to the post office en route to pick up the router that I missed while I was away but it is on my bag and I got to the station just in time to see the 8.11 leave so I was here first for the 8.21 and I’m dreading it. Being out of my.comfort zone isn’t nice but there is a loud mouth wanker on the platform opposite shouting down his phone. Talking about getting two job offers and bragging about the seemingly to me low wage and then about his relationship breakup. Give me strength. Thank god – on the train and now sitting – yes, got a seat – opposite a vile man. I don’t know why he must take up that much room but he is. Didn’t get a lot of choice with seating and couldn’t be arsed to ask the bag wankers to move in the seats nearer to the doors. At least sitting here means that it’s doubtful that anyone will want to park themselves next to the vile melting man opposite so I have leg room. He was huffing and puffing when I got on but I’m unsure why that is as he would have had ample time to settle had he got on the stop before mine. He is absolutely disgusting – yawning, pouting and he looks like he absolutely reeks with that dirty beard and greasy hair. Hand balanced on his crotchal area and gut hanging over the top. I need to post so I can get some music on as a distraction.


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