Vomit Alert

27 May

So I was standing on the concourse watching conflicting information on the boards as was on the app and all of a sudden I was surrounded; vile smelling food to my right and then an overly amorous couple dead ahead in my eye line. The food started like smelling like pickled onion Monster Munch but when I looked to see where the smell was coming from, it was a woman seating sushi and sushi shouldn’t smell like that at all. So while I was covering my nose, I had to see the vile couple dead ahead and they were vile. Both quite short and seemingly attached at the chest. Facial nuzzling, nose rubbing and kiss after kiss after kiss. It has taken all my strength to hold back the sick. It’s fine to show your other half that you love them but please don’t do it like that in public for a ten minute session – nobody needs to know. Save it for your home, in bed, in the dark. I kept seeing her face all smooshed up against his and I don’t know how he didn’t puke. So the 18.36 is delayed and for unknown reasons. It left London Bridge about seven minutes late and before then it was only a minute or two delayed. Somehow the doors are closing at 18.38 even though it only arrived at 18.33 and we are pulling away. A miracle has occurred. Oh but the 18.34 which is also delayed is also pulling out and as always, they get priority at London Bridge – fucking typical. I think I’m going to post now as I need some music to entertain me.


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