Lost For Words

27 May

You can tell I’m close to a break from this bullshit as I just run out of things to shout at the morons and there were a lot this morning. No bus in sight despite being out of the house the same time as yesterday and so I had to walk and what a fucking nightmare that was. First that attention seeking whore on the scooter comes at me again and is soon off and out of sight. Then when think it’s nice and clear I come upon pavement congestion which consists of a man who isn’t sure what to do, a woman (one of the people who ran from the bus yesterday) trying to get through and then four schoolie age fuckwits ambling along arm in arm without a care in the world. Woman finally gets through and I’m trying to get through on the other side when we come to a road and the massive one in front of me just stops dead at which point my bitch switch was flicked and they had a torrent of abuse. Fucking look where you are going and be aware of everything around you – this isn’t a school trip to Disney World, this is the walk to Commuter Hell. Woman who arrived after me at the platform edge then pushed straight on but was one of these who fuck about trying to choose a seat and that just holds up everyone. She also had a mouthful from me. The carriage is brimming with people who are fucking me off; someone listening to something outloud on their phone, a couple who clearly don’t realise it’s rush hour having a loud conversation, the prick next to me – it’s like fucking groundhog day – with his legs agape as is his paper. Roll on tomorrow evening when I can kiss goodbye to this bullshit for a few days and enjoy being train-free. That wanker to my left is going to have the paper shoved up his arse soon. Never any need to hold it that far apart when you are reading it. I need the ipod as the broadcast from a phone sounds like Steven Hawkins shoved inside a bottle and it’s pissing me right off.


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