Running Morons

26 May

Hallelujah for half term and the ability to have a choice of buses that are neither late nor rammed. It was fabulous. Sadly, fuckwits are still on board the buses and so as I was strolling around the corner from the bus stop to the station, knowing that there was at least seven minutes until the train was due, two women got off of the same bus as me and bolted towards the station at top speed – why? Just look at your watch and know what time the train is due and that isn’t difficult. It is always so funny watching them sprint badly towards the station. Sprinting like a gazelle that has been shot in the leg I might add, so a lot of stumbling and swaying. Onto the train and I had to move a newspaper already and I am still in the way of the fucktard next to me who insists on spreading out the paper while he flicks through at the pictures – no way he is reading it as he is being too fast with the page turning. The usual gaggle of utterly selfish morons on board the train so not a great choice for seats. I do hope this paper wanker gets off way sooner than me – he looks the type to get off at Greenwich and will then get a DLR yo Lewisham for his day working in a recruitment consultantcy or in one of those English colleges that are in fact just a way for foreign people to blag a student visa. Either way, he is as dodgy as fuck and thinks he is great. I’m posting now as I need both hands free so I can roll up that newspaper into a tube and shove it up his fucking fat ass – laters.


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