Bus Wankers

21 May

I was able to get the bus today for the first time since last Thursday and it wasn’t even that busy which was amazing. The only down side of the bus is the other people on it and their stupidity. Today I became enraged when they wanted to alert the driver that they wanted to stop at the next stop, as I did, at the train station. We had literally just started pulling out of the bus stop between mine and the one at the station and the bell was rung, seconds later it was rung again and then twice more before we got to the stop – why do you need to do that? Head up, headphones out and listen to the sound and look for the BUS STOPPING notice that pops up on the destination board as well as at the very front and back of the bus, and upstairs too. It is there for you to see and hear all around but it shows how thick people are as they don’t bother to pay attention and assume they are the only one wanting that stop and for the station stop that is a ridiculous assumption as it is where at least 60% of the morons stumble off day after day. I can’t understand such stupidity. I have another moan today – I can see you reeling in shock – and that is the train strike next week and what an absolutely fucking piss take that is. Network Rail are the actual cause of the majority of fuckage of signal and points failures and get paid more than enough but they are striking over their pay – reality check dears, do work that ensures there is minimum fuckage and earn the respect of millions of people every day rather than bodge everything up and make everyone’s life a misery. Need to have a serious chat about this strike at work today as all but two people get the train in to work and they said on the news this morning that some tube lines will also be effected as they use Network Rail power supplies. What a fucking piss take? I am hoping I can be told that I can work from home on that day to make sure there is minimum fuckage to my life. We will see what is discussed when I arrive and broach the subject… Posting now as I’m sitting on the inside of am aisle dweller who is petrified of missing her stop – fool.


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