19 May

I am on the 18.37 that’s delayed but only slightly I think as there isn’t any real visible fuckage this evening. Got her a bit too late as I was mincing round Waitrose so I am not in my usual favourite seat and so I am on an aisle seat and next to a bloke – I think it’s a bloke – chomping crisps as slowly as you fucking like. Making a real meal out of it and fuck knows why. Popping crisp in his gob while using his other hand to leisurely flick through some shit on his naff 7 inch tablet. Take me now, lawd, I’m ready. Today the fucked ankle has been feeling much better and I haven’t had to subject my office with bare feet to give it a breather at all. Had a full on Deep Heat massage last night and today it has been feeling good with no numbness and pins and needles. The crisps have finally been finished and he is carefully folding up the bag and continuing to flick the tablet with greasy fingers. Give me strength. I’m going to post now as I’m in the aisle seat and soon people will be pushing past me so I need my full concentration to punch them in the throat as punishment.


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