Plumstead S Club Party

18 May

Now I was about to complain about the laziest man in the world but he can wait – I was just waiting at Plumstead on platform 1 and all of a sudden S Club played over the tannoy – the oooh oooh wave your hands in the air bit from S Club Party and I almost died. At first I thought it was coming from my phone as I saw them on Saturday and I recorded bits but no, it was the loudspeaker on the platform. I had to turn and ask randoms if I had imagined it or if it really did happen and it really did. I have just tweeted them to ask if it is a new marketing ploy to try and keep people happy. The 7.41 is delayed for unknown reasons and the platform is filling up. Just checked and it left five minutes late from Belvedere which is why it’s late but there is no information as to why it left late. On board and the first message that comes over the tannoy is asking people to keep their feet off the seats for the “comfort of other customers” and why oh earth do you call us customers? Woman opposite just had a speaker slip up and her phone just read aloud a passage from the Bible – give me strength. I would rather listen to S Club on the platform than about jesus on the train. Woman next to me didn’t bother to gather up her coat and so it is under my ass and she has already started tugging at it – move it as soon as you sit down dear, not after a free pressing from my bum. So the lazy man and I don’t think he knew the kid he asked but I will share the story. So I see a black Mercedes slowing down and beckon a kid over and he asked this kid to go over to the station and bring him a Metro because it must have been too much for him to stop the car, get out and get one himself. I am pretty sure he didn’t know the kid as there was no other exchange, just the handing over of the paper. What a lazy fuck, hey? I may even class that as grooming as the bloke in the car looked as shady as fuck when I started looking closer at what was going on. Time to post and get the ipod on as the person behind has started sucking on a sweet and I can hear it clattering around on their teeth as well as hearing the rank saliva sounds. Until this evening.


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