18 May


The trains are so fucked up this evening that I have just boarded the 17.39 and it is 18.25 – what the fuck? Hilariously though there to greet me is the above sight – younger rash mugs and it has had some additions since last time I sat here which includes a cock and balls, and millwall. Just shows the calibre if fuckwit who get these trains. All the lines are fucked up and although I thought I would be on the 18.20 train that they laughably advertised as on time until we got to 18.20 and then it said delayed, and then this random 17.39 arrived and although I was fully expecting it to be fucking rammed to capacity plus 75% it is actually not bad at all and there are even empty seats. I am baffled as the concourse was absolutely filled with people. Somehow we are leaving at 18.30 so I will be home early – fucking love when it works out like this. London Bridge is going to be vile and I am just hoping this train is going where it is meant to as the on board announcement just said the next station was Kidbrooke and I ain’t going to that shithole. I’m going to post now so I can be alert… Fucking better not eff me up anymore.



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