Not Just Me

15 May



Christ another evening of fuckery and it was the same last night. I am on the 18.37 that pulled in at 18.39 and it is now 18.41 and we are waiting to go. The app said it was on time but tracking the inbound train showed a ten minute delay – dear Southeastern, shall I buy you a calculator? Fucking useless arseholes. I have a new sign to read this evening that I haven’t seen before and thankfully I fall into the disabled category presently and it is below for you. Little bit stupid because firstly it isn’t where people ever look as they are engrossed in their mobiles and secondly they assume people give a shit and they don’t. I like how it says the need for the seat may not be immediately obvious and so we can assume that as all Southeastern associates and Network Rail employees are mentally disabled that this is their area for seating. It’s 18.46 and we are just pulling out and the 18.46 is sitting on platform four and will now be delayed because of this fuck up. Today’s excuse was something about electrical supply problems somewhere which is better than the “congestion caused by earlier delays” which they never elaborate on to tell you specifically what the earlier delay was – probably some fucker on the 8.32 service holding the doors open for his mate which has caused a huge knock on effect. Bunch of wankers. I walked very steadily to the station and it takes me ten minutes longer to get there now with this dicky ankle and knee. Still petrified of falling over again so I will take it easy, stand to the side and let ambling phone wankers pass me and I still rant at them. I tried to get a Friday Fitty picture this evening but some bumbling twat got in my way and dare I admit that this fitty was a Southeastern employee? Well I just did so you can judge. He looked very pretty indeed but I already know he will be as thick as shit and so I will just put him into the category of “use and abuse” on my To Do list. That list is pretty long now. I should start doing. We have filled up with livestock now at London Bridge and so it’s time to post. I will try not to fall down again over the next few days until we meet again.



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