15 May

Apologies for no blog last night but I had a companion on the train so I was entertaining them instead of entertaining you. They were fucked last night and badly so, and the 18.37 left at around 18.42 so you can see the fuckage. On to this morning and I had to walk along to the station as I missed a 422 and then there was no other bus in sight so I skipped along as merrily as I could and as carefully as I could in order to make it to the station for the 7.41 which I did. I was followed for much of that walk by a wanker who insisted on dragging his feet behind him along with the bottom of his too-long trousers – why? Roll up the trousers and pick your feet up because that shuffling noise was more than an annoyance to BdJ and I was hurling verbal abuse in his direction but it was all missed as he appeared to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Saw a cyclist astride his bike stopped on the pavement putting gloves on because he obviously is going to be riding for most of the day and needs to ensure he doesn’t get blisters or is it just that he is a mincey prick with delusions of Wiggins? Yeah thought so. So he finally managed to get both gloves on after dropping them repeatedly and then rode along the pavement to the next crossing and only then made it out on to the road. Then he got to the traffic light crossroad at the fire station and just went right through a red light – he was then promptly wished under a bus, fingers crossed. I am next to a woman on the train who has breath of 1000 dead cats and is sitting with her elbows out so she can use her phone. Only thing is that she is holding the phone poised to do something with it but isn’t actually doing anything. A veritable zombie. Time to post as I am gagging for music.


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