Slowly But Surely

14 May

I am on the platform waiting for the 7.41 even though I was able to see the 7.31 close its doors as I was hobbling down the steps towards it. I somehow managed to get a bus to the station and now here I am in prime position for the train. I am wearing jeans as it is the only thing – aside from pyjama bottoms – that isn’t too tight on my knee which looks like it has been butchered. Just been stopped in my typing tracks as I glanced along the platform and spotted a childless woman blowing bubbles from a bottle a few door spaces along – what the fuck? Sandwich short of a picnic there. I was soon distracted again after my friend arrived and so I was able to fill her in on the gossip about the fall and then we were on the train. Thankfully I am in an aisle seat now with my knee on the inside and I can move my ankle in so no fucker kicks it as they pass by. Other leg is stretched out under the seat in front as I can’t really pull my jean leg up to protect it as it would make people feel quite sick. The usual mish mash of fuckwits are on board – I can hear the tip tip sound of cheap Apple headphones letting the shit music escape from them. It’s like I never left. I am a bit concerned about getting to the station this evening as that walk is far. I hope I have someone to walk with me so I can feel a bit more relaxed as I know that if I am on my own, I will just picture falling at every given pothole and that isn’t good for anyone. Just glanced behind me and there is a prick with a fold up bike on one side and a suitcase wanker on the other. No wonder I keep getting battered by people with huge bags trying to get past. That is my cue to post.


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