Fabulous Friday

8 May

I was about to wax lyrical about the train being on time and nice and quiet and then some dickhead gets on, sits on front and continues his inane bullshit phone conversation that makes him sound like he is on the phone to a two year old – why do people have to talk like that in public ever? It makes them sound so fucking stupid. Cannon Street is so far perfect – nice and quiet on the concourse, fairly empty on the train, 18.37 arrived on time so should leave on time, saw one of my faves from the morning strolling across the concourse at the same time as me so I flashed him a big smile which was reciprocated because he is normal and not one of the hated fuckers. He doesn’t stand at my door but used to stand two along and whenever I see him I smile. Nothing to do with the fact he looks quite attractive of course just that he seems like a decent bloke. Thankfully no Apprentice rejects this evening yet, but a gum chewing Appreciate reject wannabe is nearby – not as groomed and metrosexual as the real ones but aspiring to be there. In fact he looks too old as he is probably in his early 30s and that is past it as far as Lord Shuggs and BdJ is concerned. So the weekend is here, that motherfucking election is over, three leaders have resigned, two won’t be missed at all but spare a thought for Nick – send him many cuddles, the poor little lamb… I will miss him. Time to post as we are due to haul ass but we aren’t yet ready to depart. I need music and to prepare myself to see my lovely Jared Leto tomorrow. It’s been a while, hotsuff.


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