Poll On

7 May

Final furlong of the day; Waitrose bag in hand, food purchased and on the 18.37 which again is somehow on time – second time this week – on my merry way to vote. I have been annoyed all day long by that fucking pop-up on Facebook where you can share with your friends that you are going to vote. It is nobody’s business but mine if I choose to vote and I won’t be advertising it in a random generic post that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times today. I discovered if you clicked the option to learn more then you are taken away from Facebook and onto a Government web page – surprise surprise, the whole campaign on Facebook has been paid for by us and fuck knows how much that cost us as a taxpayer. After tapping the link though the message finally fucked off and I was pleased until I kept seeing it being clicked by others – I don’t care if you vote. Only you should care that you have voted. Posting now…


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