Poll Off

7 May

The day has arrived and I have my polling card in my bag, ready to trot up and cross the boxes when I come home from work. I didn’t want to interfere with my journey to work by going before but I am ready to go later. Not one single word from anyone else’s gob has changed who I vote for in the years since my first time at the polling station when I was 18. I don’t give a shit what they say now, I am voting historically and hereditaryly as my family have before me. I also don’t believe in sharing which party you support so I won’t be divulging that information but seeing as I haven’t changed my vote since I was 18 you can see that I am not a UKIP supporter. On to the morning commute and I had a nice catch up with the lady on the platform edge in the few minutes we had before the train arrived. It was on time sort of but I was well in the wrong place for the doors as I stood on the right of the lady as the dope who waits in the wrong place was to her left and not room in between. Ball airer was first on and pushed people out the way trying to get off – such a nice bloke. I am next to the serial man spreader who must leave his discarded paper in the empty centimeter of space next to him and then sit with his legs agape for the rest of his time on the train. I think he gets off at Greenwich but then that could be another of his sort. Those two Apprentice rejects from last night got off at Westcombe Park and the one who was next to me got off at Plumstead – not so classy now, you wankers. Time to post as I am on the edge of my seat and by the bit where people squeeze though to get down to more seats and there is a suitcase wanker opposite me and she won’t move so I have no choice.


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