1 May

That train home last night seemed to take forever but it wasn’t late pulling into Woolwich. It kept stopping coming up to Lewsisham and I thought that wasaking it delayed but those stops are factored in I think as we were early into Lewisham. On the 7.41 which is dead as people are off today to ensure they get an extra long weekend. I can’t be arsed with doing that and I would rather do the four days after a bank holiday off and get a week out of it. On board it is nice and quiet except for some silly fucking slag chewing gum and smacking her lips together as she is doing it. I already had one earphone in on that side to drown it out, but now I have both and both are jammed in to noise cancel and it’s doing the job. She could start choking on it now for all I care and it wouldn’t disturb me and I wouldn’t be rushing to her aid. No need at all to sound like that while chewing gum. Not much to moan about today other than the fucking camel nearby. Think I’m going to post.


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