Spreading Mess

30 Apr

That slumbering slob is sitting in his favourite seat again today and I almost went and sat there but decided against it and instead I’m sitting behind next to another spreading mess who is taking up more than his quota of seating and thus my ass is hanging over the edge of the seat and into the aisle. He has one leg up on the heating vent and the other is somewhere in another time zone, then he has his arms wide apart so he can read the paper. I have just moved now as the slumbering slob got up and moved for some reason even though he was using all six seats around him. He stood up, started to take his coat off and then thought about moving to the next load of seats in front of him – which were exactly the same as the ones he just got up from – but someone else got there before him so he stumbled off down the carriage. What a fucking moron? Probably needed to go and sort out his bladder after such a long sleep. Vile wanker. It was really weird that he got up and moved though just because he was going to move to somewhere the same. What the fuck is that about? Time to post as I’m now penned in but I need music and sunglasses – can’t be a bad day then.


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