Hooray For Charing Cross

30 Apr



Got to Cannon Street at the normal time and it was a fucking disaster – people massively collected on the concourse and then no updates about any trains on the boards. The national rail app said nothing aside from delayed and there were no emails so I am on the 18.48 from Charing Cross and I will probably get off at Woolwich Arsenal and get the bus. I did wonder about going to Bank but I couldn’t be arsed to fight my way down to the DLR platforms and then wait for a train amidst all the Lewsisham bound services. This train I am on will get me to Woolwich because of course there are no trains from here to Plumstead – nice hey? It might be a different train but the fuckwits are still the same although Charing Cross was virtually dead and it was beautiful to see when we got in from Embankment. Next to me the twat penning me in is one of these who has to press his paper against the back of the seat in front with both arms so I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. What a charmer hey? Sitting a bit further down is a wanker who was shouting on his phone to someone about an extension on his uni work and how he needs some help from someone in the library – might be better to get off the train and go to the library yourself, chunk, then again someone that loud shouldn’t be allowed in a library. Emails are just coming through now with news of delays but nothing at all about what the fuck has caused it. They are above for your amusement. Wish me luck at Woolwich with the scum of the earth…


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