Ball Airer Platform Hogger

29 Apr

For someone who thinks he is shit hot, he stands in the wrong place repeatedly. Sadly this has backfired on me as there is a woman who arrived just before me and who is also in the wrong place and now I am completely in the wrong place for the doors. He is stood there looking down the tracks again and pissing everyone off. On the platform opposite I just saw a vile chavvy slag hock up phlegm and park it on the platform in front – why? You are female, and you are a chav, so why do you need you need to appear even more vile than you already do? Obviously I shot her a dirty sneer when she did it but she just sneered back – what a deluded twat? Getting on the train was fun because I was so far from the door. Ended up with some fucktard with a kid as raping me as I was waiting for someone in front to choose a seat and park. He is sat with earphones in while the kid is sitting next to him staring out the window – gob closed at the moment but that won’t last long. Just saw it scoping out the carriage like a meerkat and it has snot running from its nostril into its gob which must be why it’s quiet for now. Sadly the twat next to me isn’t quiet as he is listening to something on his phone which has caused me to get my own music on after a few seconds of sitting here. I am going to have to post now as I’m in the aisle seat and I’m hanging over the edge right where people always want to get past. I fucking love the train…


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