27 Apr

I almost got onto the 18.37 today as it was there and it was actually an old style train with more seats and then I turned back and waited for the trusty 18.46 instead – fuck that 18.37 and it’s stupid passengers. I would rather get onto this almost empty train away from those people. I got to Cannon Street and it was fucking rammed, turned round to shout at a beeping twat in the road, turned back and it was empty – what was going on there then? No huge delays advertised which makes a nice change. It was am odd day at work, don’t feel like I did anything but I was busy all day so I have done muchos work today. If I didn’t have time to do my nails then that is a sign of a productive work day rather than a productive BdJ day. Nails got done on Friday. There were a lot of phone amblers this evening on the walk and many fuckwits on bikes not liking the traffic snarl ups that were occurring along the route meaning they were just taking stupid chances at the cost of anyone and everyone around them in order to press on with their journey that is apparently more important than anyone else’s. Wankers. There was also some sort of incident on Threadneedle Street which meant that shops with smashed doors were cordoned off and there was some.sort of road closure further back too. Obviously the cyclists were still peddling on through even though pedestrians such as myself were having to walk in the road. Copper stood there and did fuck all too – nice to know our tax is well spent on these jobs. They would make a killing if they stopped and fined these fuckers. Time to post now as we have collected the London Bridge livestock and I need to stare out the window to distract from the bullshit.


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