Wanker Friday

24 Apr


Thw ball airer busted me this morning but I don’t really give a shit and that ugly bastard from the other day is sleeping again and taking up all the fucking room. Almost sat opposite and then remembered that he is a fucking wanker and so I am sitting in the middle seat. That fucking suit is disgusting but then it completely confirms what I already knew about him. Trying to see what the lanyard says but I can’t see. Moved to the outside seat now and I am now in hell as the three wankers sitting in the seats on the other side of the aisle are complete Mark Wright wannabes – one of them actually said “lad” as in “what a fucking legend” and people who say that need to drop dead. They are having a very loud conversation for the benefit of the rest of the carriage but I already have my ipod in and music on to drown out the bullshit. People have now come to sit opposite the slumbering whale and he hasn’t moved as you can see below. That is exactly what happened to me when I was sitting there and exactly why I won’t do that again. Posting now, too excited as news of my husband Jared Leto coming to London next month had reached me and I need to make plans.



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