23 Apr


So as you know, I went to get chips last night and got the train to Abbey Wood instead of Plumstead – a better class of chip I think from Abbey Wood. So I get there fine, up out of the station, into the shop, wait for the food to be freshly cooked and I know that the bus is at least 15 minutes away as I am tracking it on the app so I know I don’t need to rush. I am handed the food, wander out of the shop and along to the roundabout to get to the right bus stop. First I see the sign top left as they have had to change access to the bus stops on the bridge at Abbey Wood because of the Crossrail bollocks and I couldn’t believe they are called C J and D

because all I could think of was mad cow disease. Who thought of that? They could have at least put them in alphabetical order so it doesn’t spell out the initials of a horrific brain disease. So after I stopped to take that picture I kept on walking up and all of a sudden witnessed a learner driver narrowly missing being rear-ended by a woman who thought she was Michael Schumacher and in the process she still managed to obliterate the front bumper of someone who was just mining their own business. Obviously chaos ensued and the rubber necking morons all made the roundabout gridlocked. I stopped to take the picture but I wasn’t going to stick around to share my details as a witness because I can’t be arsed to wait around for all that bollocks and soon the police arrived I assume because the accident happened on a roundabout. I kept watching the unfolding drama – sounded like the bloke with the front bumper damage also had his front wheel bashed in because of the noise emanating from it as he crippled past the bus stop – but went to wait for the bus and as I stood there I saw the lovely bottle of piss that is top right in the picture above. Classy hey? I am going to have to post as I’m on the train, next to a dainty elephant and I’m in the aisle seat so I keep having to move. Pissing me off doesn’t even come close.

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