Nothing Bitchy

16 Apr

I can’t even think of a title today as the walk here was so uneventful and I even had to walk. I’m having a bad hair day today so I will need to sort that out when I get home – it’s all sticky for some reason so I’m guessing the shampoo that I have now used three times isn’t what it is meant to be so it’s back to the drawing board. Train might have been almost early but it overshot the usual stopping place by a half a carriage length so I am now sitting next to the toilet and facing the other direction. I am by a window though which is some solace and the train is looking quite quiet – I guess that people now think it leaves three or four minutes later than it is meant to and have missed it today as it wasn’t late at all. I made a point of seeing if fat Grace Jones was there today and she wasn’t – good news for everyone. No Posh Pikey or ball airer either just that woman who stands in the wrong place – I know we all were today – and the bloke who will awkwardly converse with Posh Pikey when forced to. Still not much of note to bitch about. Posting now.

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