Sweaty Fat Birds

15 Apr



Finally managed to get the shoelace picture from this morning – total fuckwit as you already guessed – and the nose blood of the cyclist from last night. It takes fucking forever now to attach pictures but I will try to deal with it and hope they sort the app out so it works how it used to again soon. The sun is out today and so is copious amounts of undulating doughy white flesh and those too scared to get their legs out are wearing tights and they are going to be stinking by the time they get home to peel them off. I have seen far too many of them this evening, waddling along with a badly fitting dress on and either black tights or American tan colour to fake the sun-kissed look. Then mincey men in shorts as you can see below, and I have seen shorter shorts with even more vile legs sticking out of the bottom. Shoreditch has been a hotbed of the badly dressed today and it’s only going to get worse. Looks like there is train fuckage this evening but they are being quiet about it – two random emails about a slight delay but looking at the app and I see lots of red and I know not to get my hopes up a out getting home this week. Surprised? No chance. The 18.20 was six minutes late and I can see the 18.37 and 18.46 are delayed coming in. Right I am on the 18.46 which has just arrived at 18.45 and the 18.37 is still to my right and it’s just pulling out now. No verbal announcement at Cannon Street to explain this delay to all services. I had an email from TFL about a broken down train on the Brighton line causing problems for Southern and Thameslink services but there should be no reason for fuck ups on the Southeastern trains as they don’t go to Brighton and the issues should be well clear of London Bridge. Nice of TFL to tell me about issues though and they sent a nice email saying there are problems – first time I have had one from them. Still sitting here at 18.48 and waiting to go. I can’t see them holding us too much longer as the majority of the fuckwits got on the delayed 18.37… I would rather get this train as it will stay empty and it won’t be as delayed as that piece of shit train. Now 18.50 and still waiting but that is only four minutes delayed. Sounds like the doors are closing… Yes… And we are off at 18.52 so six minutes. Posting now, done with today. Enjoy the bloody pavement.


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