On Time

15 Apr

Trains are fine today and the lady was back – she has been off for the last two weeks recovering from surgery as of course I asked where she had been hiding. The train is pretty quiet today and I’m penning in a dainty elephant that I know will be getting off shortly at Woolwich Dockyard I think it is so I can snuggle up to the window seat. Currently snuggling up to the floor as she is taking up more room than is necessary. Posh Pikey made a late appearance this morning and I didn’t see properly what he had on but I can imagine because the sun is out and he will be looking like an extra from Club Tropicana where the drinks and gays are free. As I said the train is quite quiet today and I can see a moronic foreign student sitting nearby whose shoelaces are undone and they are about 50cm long and trailing behind him along the aisle. Clever boy, isn’t he? I will try and get a picture for you because it is hilarious – there we go, above for you. Christ, taking a bit longer than expected as there has been another unnecessary WordPress for android update so images are taking forever to load. Fuck it, can’t be arsed to wait. Will post it later if I remember. Posting the blog now as I’m about to get penned in.

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