Blood On The Pavement

14 Apr

I wish I had stopped to take a picture and I imagine that the blood will still be there tomorrow as it’s warm and dry outside. I can only assume that it was a pedestrian that was battered by a cyclist and the cyclist came off worse as he was nursing a bleeding nose as he stood there gobbing away on his phone with his battered bike propped up behind him. Clearly the pedestrian had tried to cross the road as the cars, vans and buses had stopped at the red light at Bank but this wanker came speeding down the gutter without thinking people might want to cross and ended up smacking into the pedestrian. Hooray for the pedestrian walking away and leaving the two wheeled twat to nurse his busted nose. What a beautiful sight it was so see and the cyclist was quite clearly in the wrong as you never hear of a hit and run where the pedestrian is the one who hit and ran. I will ensure I share the spot tomorrow when I get a chance to snap it. Time for the iPod as the moron next to me is gobbing in foreign on his phone and I don’t want to hear that gash.

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