10 Apr


So it does look a tad hazey this morning but that is apparently expected because of the high levels of air pollution. The news told me not to over exert myself so I got the bus along the road and got to the station, just seeing the 7.31 disappear at Woolwich. I was well early. We have a whole carriage that is out of action in front of this one which will make this one rammed but it is a Friday so we are a tad lower on the usual numbers. Let’s see how many dopey fucks try and go in there. It was a pleasant wait on the platform edge because there was no Posh Pikey,  ball airer or Fat Grace Jones. I also saw something that’s haven’t seen in the area before and that was the free birds – parakeets I think they are. I heard their tweeting before I spotted them and there is a picture below but a bad one so I doubt you can see them. There were two sitting in the tall tree opposite me at the top towards the left as you look at the picture. It was a nice change to the usual sights if the station. Bus was empty as were the two that I saw go past before I got to the bus stop. Dainty elephant had boarded at Woolwich Dockyard and she is now taking up two and a half seats with her masses of bags – they must contain food – and she is brushing her long scabby blonde hair, ensuring that any hair that falls out – due to poor diet – are distributed on the seats and people next to her. What a kind dainty elephant she is? She is chewing gum in the style of Alex Furgeson on the side lines when Manchester United are ten nil down and is trying to look whimsically out of the window because she mistakenly thinks that that makes her look slim. No, Tubbs, it doesn’t. She has an orange hue about her face and I need to post as I am bored of describing another generic minger from south east London.



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