Southeastern Broke It

9 Apr

So I log on to the journey checker on the Southeastern website at about ten to six, you know, to check for upcoming fuckage so I can strop before I get to the station and for some reason the format of that page (possibly the whole website) is all different. Where you used to be able to see everything you needed to without the need to scroll down the page, the font is now much larger and you haven’t got a choice other than to scroll. I have noticed some rebranding that they have done in the recent weeks, with less dumbed down visuals on the trains which I assume are meant to make travellers think they are a professional company who knows what they are doing. This website revamp must be along side that and they have spunked yet more cash on things that didn’t need changing instead of allocating some of their huge profits to actually making their service worthy of the money they take from us. It gets worse and worse every day although saying that, the now elusive 18.37 left on time and the 18.46 was there when I arrived at the station – popped to Sainsburys so I was a bit later than usual. Posting now as we are on our way and I can’t be arsed to type any more today.

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