Chaos Coming

8 Apr


I had an email about it an hour ago and I know that the 18.37 is cancelled. The official reason being a member of crew being unavailable which equates to someone not bothering to come to work. Lazy fucking arsehole. This cancellation means that my poor little 18.46 will be rammed and so I need to be ready to skip along and get on first before anyone else. At first Southeastern apparently alerted Twitter users that the 18.37 was going to be short formed but they just thought fuck it and cancelled it. Don’t they have staff on standby for occasions like this? There is only one member of crew that are on the shitty trains I get and that is the driver and so we can’t go on. Posh trains have drivers and guards and sometimes someone with a trolley with drinks and sandwiches but we just hey a driver and apparently that isn’t a priority. I’m going to get into position on the concourse now to ensure I am first down the platform when they announced it. Well what a fucking joke that was – I’m on the 18.46 now and it’s all lovely and empty and that is because despite there being an email saying the 18.37 was cancelled and the app saying so, it arrived and left and was made up five coaches. How fucking disorganised can you be? The 18.37 also left on time – and it wasn’t even advertised as being an inbound service on the app because you know I track them in as well as out. All the twats were running to get the 18.37 not knowing that it was really rammed because of being short formed and I casually skipped along on platform four to get the somewhat more reliable 18.46 in all its ten coach glory. A brief tale from the buswankery this morning and as I made my way to the back of the bus at London Bridge I was once again met by one of those fucking idiots who insist on sitting with their legs agape, backpack on and newspaper taking up all the room. I went to sit opposite him – obvs I knew this was going to fuck him off – and he didn’t move at all and I am so tired of these fuckers that I just asked him in my very best sarcastic voice if he was going to actually sit properly on the seat. At this point he tore himself away from his paper – first time he had – looked at me as if I had asked permission to murder his family and started to try and string a sentence together to respond but instead just a random grumble came out and he stroppily slammed his paper shut and stropped off to another seat. The hilarious thing was that a woman who was watching this occur just shot ME a dirty look. What the actual fuck? I’m asking for someone to move when I shouldn’t even have to in the first place and then I am apparently the the bad guy. Fuck you, lady – if you are happy to sit and take that sort of backpack newspaper shit then go for it. I’m not that passive. Time to post as we are on our way but I need distraction as the spotty, greasy woman who has sat next to me is honking of garlic. At least I know that I won’t be attacked by vampires while she is there. Thank God, hey?



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