Back To Boring

8 Apr

On the train – it was delayed, and it’s busy and there is a woman gobbing away on her phone in the aisle seat by the doors and it’s like the long weekend never happened. People definitely took yesterday off as well and now we are back to last Wednesday where it was just the same as this. Balk airer minced down the steps after me and tried to get on first. I wasn’t able to get the bus as three went along just before I got to the end of my road and then fuck all so I walked and noticed something shocking. The betting shop which is next to the next bus stop along, is open from 7.30am and I saw someone slump in there the second they opened. Why are are there so many betting shops firstly and then why are they open at that time of the day? Talk about feeding an addiction for the sake of your own pocket. That’s disgusting. I guess they always open early but this is the first time I stopped to look at the opening times on the doors and there it was in black and white. Bloke who went in looked like he had just dragged himself out of bed with his hair all messy and disheveled clothes. I’m going to have to keep this post short and sweet as I am sitting by the window in a group of six seats so I will be squashed in before too long with the people wanting a prize for dragging themselves back to work today. I assume Posh Pikey is off all this week and so that is a blessing. Shame about that ball airer mind – he needs to sort it out. Go back to whatever form of transport you were using before and stay out of my way.

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