2 Apr


I am late today – had to pop and get a prescription sorted – and the train was late and we are leaving at 9.09 today. No matter what time you go to get the train, it is delayed. The usual load of fuckwits were there – woman with a poodle on her head (above) was the 9am equivalent of Fat Grace Jones and she walked along by the train to try and get on first as she was in the wrong place. She was of course halted when she got to me, in the right place and was made to wait. I was on the right of the door when the train stopped and on the left was a chavvy looking scumbag who’s music I can hear and he is sitting four rows ahead of me, stood jabbing at the button to open the door because he doesn’t know that it is only ready to open when the lights above the doors come on. So he jabbed and jabbed and started to get annoyed and then when the light came on, I jabbed once and there we were with doors open. I think a lettuce could outwit these fucking morons. Poodle woman keeps admiring her hair in the reflection in the window when we go through tunnels and then she looks round at me. She has a VIB on the inside seat and she stinks of something really sickly. It is the sort of smell I imagine embalming fluid has. I’m posting now as I need music to help me through.

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