31 Mar


As I was waiting for any train to go my way on the concourse I witnessed quite.possibly the stupidest conversation ever. He was strutting about on his hands free in both ears and therefore shouting. Typical result of a Labour/Blair upbringing where he thinks the world owes him something and he is completely delusional about actual reality. So he has obviously been on a training course as he has one of those mincey little cases aka Briefcase Wanker from the Inbetweeners and I already want to lamp him just for teaming that with a tracksuit. Then the conversation ensues. I shall quote “when I get a real job yeah I will get loads of money yeah then I will rent a car yeah and then I can drive into work init yeah and it will be so much cheaper than getting the train yeah…” and my jaw drops because here stands a fool that has absolutely no idea what it is like to live in the real world. Firstly, who rents cars? Secondly, does he know about road tax, insurance and congestion charge. Lastly, does he know how much petrol costs? Sweet baby jesus, congestion charge alone is more than the train. Oh, I forgot parking because that isn’t cheap either. Givee strength. Anyway, pictures that I know you love now. Above is the first Freegan that I have seen in fucking years and he was happily scavenging through the bins of an overpriced eatery opposite Cannon Street looking vile. I used to see people do it outside Eat by Liverpool Street but they have long since been moved on. It’s not so bad but then you do look like a tramp. A well fed tramp but a tramp all the same. Below is an image of a vile man-bun behind me that I was able to snap with ease using my selfie camera. He is listening to music that sounds like a factory and so I’m going to post and get my own music on to drown out his hipster shit.


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