Unwelcome Return

30 Mar



I arrived really early today at the station because it’s now the school holidays and the buses are much more frequent and accessible. Sadly, as I trotted along the path into the station, glancing down at my spot, who is there, legs akimbo and looking gormless? Yes, the ball airer is back and he hasn’t been here for months. He is still standing in the wrong place for the doors but then he isn’t the sharpest tool in the box. Speaking of which, a fuckwit on the bus decided to press the bell to ask the driver to stop as we were just about to pass his stop. The driver carried on for a second and then braked hard and the stupid fuckwit kissed his teeth at me as if it was my fault the bus didn’t stop. He has only just torn himself away from a long and very loud telephone conversation but I don’t know why that would mean that he couldn’t see where the bus was in order to press the bell. What a fuckwit? On board now – Fat Grace Jones was in a skirt again and looked fucking awful, random woman who was stood behind somehow pushed in front of me and ball airer was of course first on and slumped in the opposite direction to where I go. I was going to sit in a aisle seat but that huge non-descript male/female was sitting taking up a seat and a half so instead I’m now opposite a bloke who thought we were in his living and had his legs all spread out until I came. The look I got when I dared to sit in his area was priceless. He is still trying to stare me out, with his arms folded in a sulk and his legs continually touching mine now as he can’t be arsed to sit properly in the seat. Like a I give a flying fuck, mate. This is public transport and you don’t have the right to fill four seats with your manspreading ways so tuck it in and lap it up, fuckwit. Ha – the remaining two seats have now been occupied by the over fragranced orange women of Woolwich Dockyard and I just snapped the happy one opposite for your viewing enjoyment. He is now above for you.

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