Obscenity Friday

27 Mar

I’m on the train and I have already had to tell at least six people to fuck off – even if they didn’t hear me. First a fat slob that fell out of a door further up my road and then even though I was a way behind him, I still managed to overtake him until he saw a bus coming and broke into a trot to make sure he didn’t miss it. I didn’t even entertain the bus as the bus stop had at least 20 people on it and so it’s simple mathematics that there hasn’t been a bus for a while and the bus that will come will be full. It was and I walked. Then as I was walking some silly slag took it upon herself to walk inside my arsehole and I never like being invaded like that – walk behind me or pass me, don’t ever walk right there next to me because I don’t fucking know you. As I was battling with her those old bitches handing out jesus leaflets were there AGAIN as every fucking morning and they got told where to go. I finally shook the walking slag near to the station and as I stood on the platform edge a dainty elephant come and blocked the sun out next to me – is there an eclipse every Friday now? – and she had on her shit headphones and so I could hear the awful music coming out. That noise was combined with a lip smacking sound coming from her and she is now sitting across the aisle with her eyes closed but her lids are flickering as though she is in REM sleep. What a fucking loon? As I was sneering at her, a massive generic party of people arrived with six kids, a massive buggy and three suitcases. They did stand right behind me and I uttered for them to fuck off multiple times and eventually they thought going to the front was a good idea – twats. Last person told to fuck off was a twat that is heard bellow from the top of the steps as I was sitting on the train and the doors were beeping “HOLD THE DOORS OPEN” and the woman by the doors stood and pressed the green button which is overridden by the doors beeping so I’m glad she was as thick as shit and failed and he will have to wait ten minutes until the next one. What a shame, hey? So that was the last 15 minutes of my life – thrilling hey? Bet you are all really jealous. Time to post.

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