Shittest Protest Ever

24 Mar


So above is the Occupy protest outside of News International at London Bridge – what a fucking joke? There were minimal press there yesterday and even less today but plenty of money being spent on police and security that the scum aren’t paying for. They aren’t anywhere near occupying the building and they all look like they need a wash – how stupid are these people? It is laughable – really isn’t a protest at all with some really badly made signs and one shit tent. Hardly of the scale of the Tented Twats of days gone by at Finsbury Square. I can’t believe they even bothered to continue today, let alone the rest of this week as planned. Oh well, they think they are making a difference when in reality all they are doing is looking like scabby morons. The wanker below resembling an ant with his vile spindly legs stretched out, is currently gobbing away on his phone in foreign. The signal keeps dropping and so he is repeating himself over and over – I just want to tell him to shut the fuck up and send a text instead. No need to waffle on and on making no sense at all. He is one who won’t be moving to let anyone else have the pleasure of sitting there. Those shoes could do with a clean – no, in fact they need to be thrown out as they are scuffed to fuck. Picking up the London Bridge livestock now and there are quite a lot of them, and I’m watching spindly from the corner of my eye. Oh poor diddums had to move, but now he has crossed his legs into the aisle and is kicking them coquettishly – give me strength. Time to post. I’m done.


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