24 Mar

Even at this hour, a train can’t arrive on time and it left at 12.51 – why? I had emails about fuckage this morning but I thought it would’ve been over by now. Sadly not, same old shit on a different day. Chavs are aboard as always on a daytime train – he is covered in tattoos and she has very thick, black brows and that piercing to look like a mole on her top lip. Sitting next to each other in a block of four seats and using the two empty seats opposite as a foot rest – class all the way. Lovely to see how my tax is being spent so wisely, Mr Cameron. Just got a gappy glare from him as I looked over in their general direction. Earphones are in as someone wants to listen to the news live on their phone – and we are going through tunnels so you can imagine the buffering happening. I’m going to have to post now because I want to faff on my phone for the rest of the journey. This is enough moaning for now – more later with my regular commute home.

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