Eclipse Done

20 Mar

It isn’t officially meant to be here for another hour or so, but I have already see it – fat bloke in a smartcar and he blocked out the sun. It was far better than the actual eclipse as this was 100% totality which is more than the moon is meant to cause. On the train now and surrounded by burbling foreign wankers all shouting at each other although sitting in close proximity – shut up dears. Had to wait while some cock got stuck in the door as he didn’t bother to listen to the dramatic door-beeping when it was closing and ambled on then moaned when the doors closed on him. Why can’t people just get up earlier or move faster? I don’t give a fuck about you but the more you delay this train now, the more it will be delayed further down the line and then you will be moaning about being late. Orange nasties are boarding at Woolwich Dockyard and perhaps they will have a shout off with the foreign burbly people. School children also boarded and are moaning there aren’t any seats. Oh well. The orange one is honking of both vile perfume and fag at the same time – chomping on some gum in an attempt to hide the fag breath when it needs to be a complete overhaul to hide that smell. When it’s combined with perfume it just screams council house. Fucking hell, the foreign people are shouting too much now – I need my music to drown those motherfuckers out. Die.

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