19 Mar

I almost flopped onto the tracks at platform five this evening because of A Southeastern announcement – not only did they let us know audibly that the 18.37 (yes, I know) was delayed, but also an exact reason why. This evening, the emergency thing was pulled at Charlton which has led to a delay of ten minutes. I couldn’t believe it. It was a female voice making the announcement and not that insincere wanker with the weird accent so that was nice too to hear a different voice booming out bad news. Respect to whoever made that decision because it is an important one. It takes a second to tell the truth and I am much happier knowing that is what happened rather than just the generic shit about the delay on the inward journey and congestion bullshit. Why do they think we need to hear such vague information? On our way now at 18.39 and stopped already waiting for a slot at London Bridge – give me strength. Posting.

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