Life after Imogen, a story from a bereaved Mum.

18 Mar

This is a new blog by a friend of mine who is a very inspirational person indeed. She wants to share her story of losing her little girl in the hope that she can help others going through it and also to explore spiritualism and how she and her family are coping. A very frank and honest blog and well worth following I think. A completely different blog to what you are used to, Obborati, but if you know someone you think it might help, then please follow and share. Post number two will be coming up soon as well.


On 17th August 2013, I discovered I was pregnant with my third child. But the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test I just knew this little baby was not here to stay. At 16 weeks I discovered I was carrying a little girl, after two boys she was a little dream of mine that came true. But the thought of her not staying very long intensified as my pregnancy progressed. After two babies already I knew this wasn’t normal. At one point my fears over whelmed me so much I told those closet to me as well as my healthcare professional who referred me to counselling. Everyone around me reassured me all would be fine, why wouldn’t it? Healthy Mother, healthy pregnancy, healthy baby. I began to relax although not too much, the fear never left me. 

Wednesday 9th April 2014 I welcomed my perfect baby girl…

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