Crawling Back

18 Mar

Like an ex boyfriend made to look stupid, I have crawled back to the 18.37 this evening with my tail between my legs but if it is delayed, I couldn’t give a fuck. It pulled in at 18.26 and they didn’t announce it for a good two minutes but by the time they did, I was already next to the doors and waiting for the confirmation before boarding because you know what a bunch of fuckwits Southeastern can be and they could have announced it on platform 13 at London Bridge just to mix things up. I know it’s going to be busy bit after the day I have had, I don’t give a fuck. I had a cupcake for lunch at my desk and have logged over nine hours today – I am shattered. The day wasn’t helped by cheap customers trying to haggle this afternoon and not listening to a fucking word I said. I have been worn down to the very brink of insanity so chances are if any fuckery ensues on this journey, heads will roll onto the tracks causing mass delays. It has been well over a week since I have been on this train. I just saw the 18.46 pull in too and I am torn and also penned in now by a dainty elephant so it’s time to post…

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