17 Mar

I was oddly enough able to get the bus this morning and it was pretty quiet too – what’s bonus? So as the bus is pulling in by the station, I spot the gates are closed which is the oh so subtle way that you know there are ticket inspectors inside waiting for you and then I saw him. Taller and with a bag across his back which I trust is either for college or for work and it was Perry from back in the day. A world away from what Kevin looked like when I spied him in January but it was definitely him. I did want to stop him and ask how he was getting on but then I didn’t think it would be wise to show a child quite how much attention he and his little fuckwit friend had been paid from me. It was nice to see that he is up and about at this time and on his way somewhere. I think he was heading for the bus stop at the bottom of Griffin Road. In stark contrast to that I have discovered a new fuckwit to battle with at the station in the morning, and today she was wearing the same vile, latex look leggings as yesterday so I sincerely hope she has dabbled out the sweaty crotch with Dettol before getting them on again today. She dresses like a female Dappy so fuck knows where she is going to but she thinks she fan just bowl straight on to the train in front of people who were there before her. Fat Grace Jones is still a regular feature but she is still getting on at the next doors along so we can write that one off. Posh Pikey arrived as the train was pulling in, and looking as always, as if he was planning lunch with the Great Gatsby complete with some sort of tweed and his leather gloves – one was dangling out of his mouth as he tried to faff with something in his bare hand. Probably updating his Grindr status. God he is vile. The train was pretty much on time today, as was the fast train in between. This means that the train is pretty quiet but I am going to post now as I’ve just been penned in at Charlton by a woman honking of TCP and jabbing away at her iPhone. Give me strength.


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