16 Mar

Fuck me, what a state she was and I didn’t get a picture but as you know, my words are enough to paint a picture. She had a knee length skirt on and patent shoes, and the gap inbetween between knee and foot was the same circumference all the way around and it looked fucking awful. Christ knows what she sees when she looks in the mirror but it isn’t what the rest of see that’s for sure. I assume that body dismorphic disorder works both ways and you think you look great when you look a fucking state? Stood outside Cannon Street and I have shared my thoughts on waiting for the lights to change yet again with the fucktards who all want to cross while gobbing on their phones. No attention is paid aside from yo have inane conversations that can wait until they are on the train or at least over the other side of the road. Saw massive stupidity on the other side of London Wall today – man ambling playing Candy Crush but playing in large print on his fucking tablet – WHY? How can you be so fucking stupid? Playing that while you walk along is not necessary. It’s like that cock a while back who was holding up everyone when he was playing chess on his phone. Makes me lost for words and that doesn’t happen very often. This morning on the bus I was forced to deal with yet another one of those wankers who sit down with their backpack still on so they are taking up all the leg room of the seat opposite which is why I love you sit just to fuck them off. This one this morning didn’t hear when I asked politely to get him to shift because of his stupid over ear earphones. The bus was going to get very busy as the queue still outside was massive and so I just sat down, and my knees clashed with his. Well the look he gave me – you would have thought I had just called him all the names under the sun and some. He didn’t bother to apologise for being a bus wanker, or bother to make room thinking that the bus is going to get busy and instead he just slipped his scabby unnecessary backpack off – what the fuck do you need a backpack for for work in the City? – and sat in the seat next where he was. He was then able to enjoy leg room for about three seconds until the seat next to me was filled and then anoyher poor woman had to battle to get through to sit opposite me where he was first. What sort of a dickhead thinks sitting like that is going to work in rush hour when there was a serious shortage of buses? Wanker. On the 18.46 now and currently sharing an otherwise empty carriage with a man honking of booze – isn’t it a lovely Monday night? I wonder what his reason for celebration was? He is breathing very heavily which is making the stench permeate muchore quickly than usual. Ugh it’s time to post. I’ve had enough of the fuckery tonight.


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