13 Mar

I totally hadn’t realised that today was Friday 13th until I read it on Twitter at about 6am when I had woken up a bit too early and had no chance of going back to sleep. Funnily enough l, so far so good today – I even managed to get a bus to the station and it wasn’t too rammed. On the train and I am now penning in someone with a nasal whistle who is manspreading but that is pretty normal so I shan’t moan too much. Waking up so early and needing to piss – again, like my entire journey home last night which I will come to shortly – did mean that I saw the most beautiful sunrise and I haven’t seen one for a while. As for the journey last night – no toilet on the train because it was one of the new style ones. I toyed with the idea of skipping off at a station, squatting, weeing, wiping and getting the next train but as it was still shamefully early, I held it and held it. I was then going to go at Plumstead on the platform but again there were too many people about so I trotted to the bus stop and as if a miracle smiled upon me, a bus arrived to take me home. I then sped down the road, ran to the bathroom and emptied the beer-filled bladder and it was so desperate that I still had my coat and bag on. I am so classy. I’m almost too excited to have reached Friday this week as I’m pretty sure that there has been an extra few days slipped in that nobody has said anything about. Perhaps because Noel Gallagher on Tuesday felt like Friday to me because it took me right back to my yoof. I’m posting now and I promise not to go to the pub again this evening – once is enough in a quarter.


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