The Lady

6 Mar

She was back again today, you know, the one I shared my knowledge with on Monday. She had forgotten the right place to stand but she was there with the app, tracking the train as advised when I arrived and we had a nice chat. Even though I only met her on Monday and we managed to have a nice chat which was genuine and wayote convincing than Posh Pikey and his faux small talk. Now let me just share something hilarious with you. Woman sitting in front who is obviously pissed off as she has a manspreader opposite and beside her and she is taking pictures of the one opposite but not in a subtle way at all – in fact I might need to go and look on Twitter now to find it and reply. She keeps looking right round at the one next to her. He got on at Plumstead and was happily smoking a spliff just off the platform where the coffee hut used to be. He has a nylon shell suit on and I trust he stinks which is why she is staring. Might be worthwhile to open your gob love and air your grievances so that they know. Passive aggressive is fine to a point but you get a much better reaction if you say what you feel as well I know. The woman in question is a new face on the train this week and I have seen her every day I think yet she doesn’t seem to have washed her hair. Wait, wait – oh my God. The fat manspreader opposite is WITH her. Now yesterday’s scenario makes sense as the one sitting in front of me that I couldn’t tell if it was male or female is male and apparently hers. What an unfortunate bitch. Makes sense now why she keeps looking straight at the bloke next to her who might be a chav from hell but is young and thin. Maybe she is gunning for a threesome but she will need to make sure her hair is clean first. If her hair looks like that – imagine rat’s nest with the tails poking out – then imagine how vile her minge is. Nice, hey? Posting now as we are filling up fast and I want my ipod to drown out the shit.


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